Inclusive education integrating the arts and other disciplines, dissolving silos that exist in learning…

Teaching has always come naturally to me, and my work in education is as important to me as my performances. An experience comprising music, expression, and critical thinking is the very core of my teaching philosophy.This principle has led me to design my own pedagogy and curriculum that has played out in children’s workshops, university lectures, online classes, educator training, and for children with special needs. I also teach one-on-one music classes for advanced music students of all ages.

Interacting with kids at CSMVS Museum, Mumbai
Sharing Kabir’s philosophy at UC Berkeley
Speaking on gender at an education conference

Teaching Music and the Allied Arts:

I have had extensive experience in working with children from very diverse backgrounds across urban and rural India and overseas. All my interventions in music and the performing arts are child-centric. I train musicians and artists in classroom techniques and equip them with the tools to become educators. I also conduct singing sessions for adults, both online and in-person. Some of the institutions I have collaborated with include Ascend International School, Orchid School Pune, Global Village Project, Kabir Smarak Luniyakhedi, Rainbow Community School Asheville.

Curriculum Design, Pedagogy and Training:

I have worked with several organisations in the education space to consult with and design curriculum in music and the allied arts, often connecting it to science, learning and leadership. These engagements have included creating conceptual frameworks, building curriculum and training teachers. My multidisciplinary background with science and tech, economics, music and theatre equip me well to work across disciplines. Some organisations have included Agastya International Foundation, Enabling Leadership, Caring with Colour (A Mansi Kirloskar Initiative), V-Excel Foundation, Junoon Theatre.

Guest Lectures:

I have spoken about Kabir, abhangs, Indian music and philosophy at a range of institutes across the world. These have included UC Berkeley, IIT Bombay, JLF Colorado/Houston, Jnanapravaha, UNT Denton, Mumbai University.

Workshop in Arshinagar, West Bengal
Leading a session in Luniyakhedi, MP
Guest lecturing at Rainbow Community School, Asheville NC